colonial art restitution

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colonial art restitution

13/12/2018 - Restitution of colonial art Russell Advocaten Amsterdam Do colonial artefacts from 55 African countries have to be returned by museums in . 23/01/2019 - Art historian Benedicte Savoy and economics researcher Felwine Sarr spoke to DW about the return of looted objects from France, . 05/01/2019 - While African nations have long demanded the restitution of poached cultural artifacts, in former colonial powers like France and Germany the . 14/12/2018 - We weigh up the arguments for and against the restitution of African art taken during the colonial period with Vicky Ngari-Wilson, Nicholas . 06/12/2018 - France has electrified an old debate by pushing to repatriate art works . should be seen as eligible for restitution, and ideally would return. Efforts for returning pieces taken during colonial rule are far less numerous and successful than those directed at returning Nazi looted art. Is this a sign that in . 18/12/2018 - . to Africa': Trevor Noah of 'The Daily Show' Says Colonial-Era Art Should . took on the unlikely topic of art restitution, weighing in on Europe's . 26/11/2018 - Twenty-six bronze artifacts taken from Benin during the colonial era . a permanent restitution agenda for all art taken 'without consent' from . 21/11/2018 - Report commissioned by Macron will recommend restitution of artworks taken during colonial era. restitution of Nazi looted art see J. Schoeps and A.-D. Ludewig (eds.) their own colonial interests11, but also within Europe, where restitution was initially .

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